ZNZ One – Zip Nada Zilch – How to Pick an Offer

As you may have read in the previous blog post, ZNZ One has a very simple qualification process. All you have to do is pick one of the trial offers. Remember, you only need 1.0 credit to qualify. Some single products equal 1.0 credit, while others equal only a 0.85 credit. So that would mean that you have to pick another offer which equals 0.15 credit. This gives you the 1.0 credit. Not all offers one ZNZ One are free. Some trial offers cost maybe a dollar or two. Some may cost more depending on if the offer requires you to pay shipping. Once you have acquired your 1.0 credit, you will see a credit in green. After this step, you can start signing people up.

Members are not allowed to suggest which trial offers new members should pick. It is all up to you. Which companies list their offers with Zip Nada Zilch? The following companies have trial offers for you to choose from: Equifax, TransUnion, GoDaddy.com, Netflix, Children’s BOMC, Wal-Mart, and so many more. Back to Home Page


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